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Market Research Services

Clinical Trials Analysis:
Clinical trial data is the foundation for labeling and promotional claims yet the actual data and the manner of communicating that data may create rather different impressions. A critical compilation, examination, and comparison of the data from large and small trials, from trials for initial indications vs. additional indications, from professional meeting presentations vs. publications, etc. can provide decision makers with a comprehensive perspective of product strengths and weaknesses, and the marketing messages and efforts in support of those brands.

Competitive Message Analysis:
Individually youíve seen the detail aides, the journal ads, and the other promotional materials for the competition, but what are the component messages being delivered via the different media and words? Are those messages changing in response to changes in the market (e.g., the competition, regulatory authorities, and physician or patient perceptions)? Are the messages from competing brands fundamentally different or are they simply telling the same story differently? A critical and multifaceted analysis of the competition and messages can supply answers to many questions.

Disease Trend Overview:
The launch of new classes of agents with new MOAs, the results of long-term prospective trials that radically change thinking, and the politics and policies of healthcare delivery and payment are only some of the factors that are changing the practice of medicine. An in-depth analysis of current medical knowledge, practice, and constraints along with anticipated changes due to agents now in pharmaceutical pipelines can assist your team in making key compound development and launch decisions.

Marketing Channel Identification and Analysis:
For some healthcare products the availability and suitability of specific marketing channels is obvious; for others it is not. Might your brand benefit from a critical analysis of potential options that might be more suitable for the unique nature of your brand? Since successful brands are built not created let us help you maximize your brand's potential in ways that are only obvious when you have the necessary information.